Pigfish Printing WorldWide, Incorporated

We ponder. We innovate. We print. We amaze. We approach screen printing from a different vision than other print shops. This vision is what has brought us to the top of our field. We create brilliant artwork reproductions with garments being our canvas. Bringing to life stunning images printed with all of the grace of a master painting a portrait.


These skills, mastered by technicians at our very own shop, have been honed into teachable systems that produce an unparalleled workforce of master printers dominating the technique. Like the days of old when a skill was handed to the son... So, it is done similarly here.

By implementing such a standard of quality, and creating teachers from master printers we have attracted many high end clients. Some of our clients include MerchLive.com (David Ellefson of Megadeth is part owner) and EMP Label Group (another of David Ellefson's companies). We have printed for countless nationally touring  musical artists as well as RIP Magazine and corporate giants like Wal Mart stores across the country and Coca Cola. We are even involved with the Federal Government to do contract Screen Printing for the US Government.